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I have been asked how I rate the books on review posts.
It’s very simple. My ratings are based on ‘how much I love this book.’


Many book bloggers rate books considering how much they can ‘recommend’ that book. But I am not doing that. How much I like the book is not equal to how much I recommend the book. Here are reasons why.


One reason is that I have various readers in mind writing the blog posts since I write this blog both Japanese and English. It is hard to ‘recommend’ books written in English to people who might not read English at all, or who are not a fluent English users.


For example, I don’t recommend English beginners to read ‘All the Light We Cannot See (my favourite book I rated 5/5)‘ in English, due to the difficulty in language the author use in this book. Also, I have not yet read the translated version of the same book, so I am not sure if it is good in Japanese in the same level and quality.

例えば、私が大好きな’All the Light We Cannot See (5/5の評価をつけました)’は、英語初心者の方や、小説を読み慣れていない方が英語で読むにはかなり難しい本です。また、翻訳版が出ていますが、こちらは未読なので、翻訳後の本がどのくらい良いのかわかりません。

Another example is ‘The Underground Railroad‘ which I only gave 3/5. Although I did not like it very much personally, it was such a good book. Especially for those who want to know a glimpse of the slavery, this book could be a good start point. Considering these factors, I should have given more than 3/5, maybe? But, it is difficult to include the ‘significance’ to ratings. I’m not a professional, after all 🙁

他にも、’The Underground Railroad’は3/5にしたのですが、それは単純に私があまりこの本を好きではなかったから。一般的に言えばおそらくとてもいい本なんです。例えば、アメリカの奴隷制について知りたいと思っている人にとって、良い初めの1冊になりうる本。そういう意味ではかなり!おすすめできる。このトピックにおける読みやすさ、わかりやすさという意味、重要度を含めて評価したら、きっと3/5は低すぎると思います。ただ、この本がどのくらい世間で重要とされているかなんて、専門家でもない私にはわからないですよね。

Thus, recommending the book to people is a very difficult task and never be great unless I know the person who I recommend to. In my reviews, I might recommend the book to certain people, or mention like ‘this is a must read‘, but it does not mean I ‘rate’ the book based on how much I want people to read this book.


I just want you to take my review as just an opinion from bookish Japanese girl who loves to read in English… lol


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