Travelling is part of my life. I am the one who always tries to travel as many places as I can. My brain is occupied with ideas and thoughts for the next journey, where to visit, what to see, who to meet and what to eat!


Although I have been to more than 20 countries already, the world still surprises me with wonderful places scattered around the globe. The more I know, the more I want to know about the world, to see more of the things I have never seen, and to meet people I would never meet unless I travel.


This blog is the extension of my Instagram @mikitravelgram to introduce more about my travels with more detailed information such as maps, photos and writings. Not limited to travelling, I also write more about the things I enjoy daily, such as reading and cafe/bookshop hopping. I will share my experience and thoughts in both English and Japanese. NOTE: My English includes thousandths of mistakes. I am not a real bilingual anyway. Please enjoy my FAKE bilingual quality English 😉


Warm comments and shares are appreciated. Great suggestions for the future trip make me happy 🙂




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