(Book Review) From Little Tokyo, With Love / Sarah Kuhn
(Book Review / 感想) People From My Neighbourhood / Hiromi Kawakami * このあたりの人たち / 川上弘美
(Book Review / 感想) Midnight Chicken / Ella Risbridger
(Book Review / 感想) A Burning / Megha Majumdar
(Book Review / 感想) We Are All Birds of Uganda / Hafsa Zayyan
(Book Review / 感想) There’s No Such Thing As An Easy Job / Kikuko Tsumura * この世にたやすい仕事はない / 津村 記久子
(Book Review / 感想) That Reminds Me / Derek Owusu
(Book Review / 感想) Clap When You Land / Elizabeth Acevedo
(Book Review / 感想) How Much of These Hills Is Gold / C Pam Zhang
(Book Review / 感想) The Mystery of Henri Pick / David Foenkinos
(Book Review / 感想) The Dutch House / Ann Patchett
(Book Review / 感想) Hamnet / Maggie O’Farrell

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