Kissaten ‘Machiaishitsu’ @Asakusa * 喫茶店 「待合室」@浅草

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Let me write about my ultimate love for exploring historical/classical cafe in Japan. They are called kissaten (喫茶店) in Japanese. It literally translated into the cafe, but it is actually more than just a cafe. There, you can experience a unique atmosphere!


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Most of the Japanese, especially the young people tend to overlook their existence labelling them as old-fashioned. While there are many Western cafes around, and people rather prefer Western styles, the numbers of those old ones are decreasing year by year.


Today’s Kissaten ‘Machiaishitsu‘ is located in Asakusa, Tokyo. Surrounded by the locals, tasting the siphon coffee (very rare nowadays), along with the heart felt service (warm communication with the owner and hot wet towel!!!) make you feel the old Japan atmosphere.


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