(Book Review / 感想) Midnight Chicken / Ella Risbridger

I’d have to say I’m usually rather more a baking person than a cooking type. Normally I don’t bother to cook nice meals, and instead prefer to pay to get great quality restaurant food. (Though I really enjoy baking special biscuits for myself!)

With that in mind, giving this cookbook a try was a bit of a challenge for me!

The recipes are all easy to follow, covering fancy meals to daily dishes. I tried the Carbonara (Page 166). It requires only a few basic items, things we’d usually have in our fridge anyway. It turned out to be very quick and easy to make, so I can definitely see it becoming a new regular for us.

What makes this book stand out from most other cookbooks is its unique personal touch. I was unaware when I started it, but this book is more to do with particular memories around the recipes, rather than being first and foremost a genuine recipe book. The young author Ella’s inspiring ideas and memories helped me feel like I wanted to try the recipes out straight away, to become a good chef myself, and to entertain the people around me. Every word she put into this book sounded so honest, and I felt very emotional by the time I reached the last chapter.

This book will absolutely be remaining in prime position in our kitchen bookshelf, within easy reach for our daily cooking reference.

Midnight Chickenはお料理本なのですが、いわゆるレシピ本とは一味違う。





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