(Book Review / 感想) That Reminds Me / Derek Owusu

Have you ever felt like negative memories have trapped you; happy memories overtaken, deep in your thoughts?


This book reminded me of the times I’ve been caught by dispair, feeling trapped within society, within my own mind.


The spider illustration used throughout the book – gradually forming a complete web towards the end – made me ponder what the author was trying to say by including these images.


The story is written in a beautifully poetic style, composed of very small chapters made up of short scenes. I read through the whole book as if I was enjoying a collage of fragmented memories!


This book is a coming of age novel telling the story of a Ghanaian boy called K. He finds himself encountering all sorts of concerns in contemporary London, encompassing themes such as identity, religion, sexualty and family. The words are so honest and vivid, capturing moments that say so much within just a few brief sentences. I was simply absorbed in the quality of the writing, and felt such sympathy for the protagonist’s life.


Due to the themes of self harm and mental illness, some may hesitate to try this book. And yet, it speaks with a voice I have rarely heard in any other literature, and will stay with me for sure. Definitely recommended!


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