H.R. Higgins @ London * ロンドンで一番?の英国王室御用達コーヒー店

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The best coffee in London!


Always quiet and cosy in the middle of noisy Oxford street.

You can find many locals reading the newspaper and chatting quietly. It is rare to find this comfortable cafe in the central London!!!

The cafe is in the basement of the small traditional coffee (and tea) shop where the loyal warrant coffee beans are sold.

Established in 1942, very old. The shop on the main floor has this very authentic atmosphere that I hesitate to take pictures (I just did not want to be a ‘tourist’ lol). So I don’t have one although I visited there so many times.

As you can imagine, it is a bit pricey compared to other possible alternatives around this street (maybe PRET, NERO or COSTA???) but their coffee is always fantastic, and their carrot cake is amazing! It’s worth paying extra 😉

Nicely decorated tables with seasonal flowers, and sensible latte art were my favourite!

I wanted to keep this place secret kind of, because I don’t want tourists to flood this small place, spoiling the atmosphere! But this place was THAT good. I totally recommend.

H. R. Higgins

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