John Sandoe Books @ London * 本棚ごとほしくなってしまうロンドンの本屋さん

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I wished I could stay in this bookshop forever. John Sandoe Books has this very intellectual atmosphere that you want to own every book they have on their shelves. Small two floored bookshop make you feel like you are entering very bookish friend’s house full of books!


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I have been asking for recommendations whenever I visit bookshops. Briefly mentioning what I just finished reading and what I have enjoyed throughout my bookish life.


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It is usually the case that the bookshop tends to recommend same kinds of books I have already enjoyed, but here, they were different. The staff at John Sandoe knows quite well about what they are selling! The list of the books they recommended me included a wide variety of the books from classics to very niche modern writers. They were well balanced between those I would definitely love and those I might enjoy. The way they picked books were unique and creative. Among 15 books they listed, I purchased 8 of them all at once. lol


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Another interesting point of this bookshop is that they don’t show their category on their shelves. To find out where the books you are looking for, you need to wander around or to ask the staff for the location. It looked a bit inconvenient at first, but I rather thought it helps me find books I would not pick up usually. You might find something very interesting while you look for a specific book, or to enjoy chatting with very knowledgeable staff.


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Very quiet, cosy and relaxed mood of the shop helped me focused on the ‘books’. Very small compared to other huge bookshops around London, but will find so many books you want to buy from wonderful selections of books.


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The bookmark they give out for each purchased books is very cute.


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John Sandoe Books

  • The Catalogues on the website are also very helpful!
  • ウェブサイトに載っている、季節のおすすめ本カタログもとっても参考になります。

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