Being a Fake Bilingual * 私の英語について

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Those who have been reading my blog in English must notice already that my level of English is not great.


This blog is for fun. I am not taking time to check the grammatical errors and typos since I only put an equal amount of time to write both Japanese and English. Because English is not my mother tongue, the quality of my writing is naturally low.


(For example, if this is for the coursework at school, I would be more careful and even ask for proofreading!)


It’s just a good practice!


My actual level of English is good enough to make myself understand easily but not enough to write/speak as if natives do.


To improve my level of English, I am writing my blog posts in both English and Japanese. This is the main reason I would write my blog both languages.


By doing so, I might be able to write more naturally in the future. One day, I will realise that my writing is gradually getting better! Lol


In Japan, I have seen so many people ashamed of making mistakes when they use English.


Although my English is bit weird and unnatural, I describe myself proudly being BILINGUAL! I would say FAKE because I am a bit cynical though 😉

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While I was in London for a year, I heard so many accented English. I think English is actually ENGLISHES! The difference in accents and mistakes in grammars are part of the one’s personality.

「教科書英語」ばかりの日本で、あえてFAKE BILINGUALな私が英語でブログを書くことで、本当は話したり、書いたりできるはずなのに自信が持てない英語学習者へ、エールを送りたいと思ったのです。

People praise the textbook English here. I rather want to empower people who study English by writing my blog in Fake Bilingual quality of English. You do not have to become perfectly bilingual to use English in public! This is another reason to do this bilingual blog.


Studying master in London was my first long-term experience abroad. I learned how to write and speak in English mainly in Japan.


Our English will improve while we make lots of mistakes. Lol

Be brave, all the English learners!!


For those who are fluent in English, I appreciate your kind and warm support 🙂



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3 thoughts on “Being a Fake Bilingual * 私の英語について

  1. Totally agreed. We too often tend to fall into a trap of seeking the perfect and doing nothing when writing and speaking in a foreign language, and it is especially true in the ‘special’ relationship between the Japanese people and English language. I suppose it takes quite a bit of courage and patience to keep writing in ‘imperfect’ (though very good) English and publicising it, but I have been undoubtedly encouraged by your blog, and so have many readers, I believe.

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