(Book Review / 感想) ピンヒールははかない / 佐久間 裕美子 

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Being women is difficult, especially here in Japan.


Although the social awareness regarding the women issues is raising these days, it is still impossible for me to be 100% ‘myself’ in public here in Japan. In the end, the society always praises ‘the mothers’ who sacrifice their career, those girly women who ‘RESPECT’ men, and the KAWAII, skinny, delicate fashion with spike heels. Every day, subconsciously, I am pretending to play a role of ‘woman’ and compromising the way I behave and act. All those ‘new women’ are still rare species here.

海外に行ったら、もっと広くて寛容な世界が広がっているに違いないと、あまちゃんな私は信じていたのですが… 現実はそう甘くないのよと、そっと教えてくれた本です。

I have believed that the world is broad and there is more liberal and tolerant society abroad. But, the reality is not that easy, this book told me so.


Wherever we go, though it is ‘liberal’ NYC the author lives, regardless of your gender, people always wonder and worry. We want something we still do not have, and we sometimes get lost.


This book was beautiful still because the author has her own ‘self’ that she is proud. She respects everyone and expresses her own. I admire her way of living.


I don’t support all of her ideas spread in this book. Some of the parts were not convincing thus I would rate 3/5 though it’s nearly 4/5.



日本語の本です!(Sadly, English translation is not available.)

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