(Book Review / 感想) The Power / Naomi Alderman

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It is always the struggle not to spoil any important bits of the story while I review the book I especially enjoyed.


Since I rarely read science fiction, I was not very keen on choosing this book when I found it ranked 3 for fiction ranking at Foyles. But something took my attention and decided to give it a try. Surprisingly, I loved this book so much that I even forgot to sleep!


It is the story of the world where women obtained the electric power. With their new ability, they became physically stronger than men, altering the world’s power balance upside down.


This setting made me rethink about the vulnerability of women and the history of women’s progress as ‘the weak ones.’ Physical strength influenced tremendously on female position. I really enjoyed imagining this ‘what if’ story where women can overtake everything from men because they are just ‘strong.’


The Power is a must read for everyone, not just women, everyone who wish to imagine the world where the equality can be guaranteed regardless of their sex. The book gives you a good perspective that the physical strength mattered so much in history, in creating this current world causing so many women sacrificed their career and future under the inequality and imbalanced power structure the society contains.

The Powerは、女性だけでなく、平等な世界を望むすべての人に心からオススメしたい。

I have written a very controversial argument (misleading perhaps…), but this book is fun to read!



(2018/03/13 Updates * 追記)
The Power に関する記事をもうひとつアップしました。

New post about The Power updated. Read it from the link below.

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