(Book Review / 感想) A Gentleman in Moscow / Amor Towles

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Reading this book reminded me a lot about The Great Gatsby. It had a similar subtle flamboyant feel in the setting of the story. The personality of very noble and sophisticated gentleman made me so impressed by the elegance of his lifestyle and ways of thinking.


It had a good essence of the historical background of Moscow around 1920s. Because the main character the gentleman is under the house arrest at the Metropol hotel, the story did not really mention anything about the world outside of the hotel. This seclusion from the outer society and how people react to this situation were well described in this book.


Although I really enjoyed this book, to be honest, I was not satisfied with the ending. That disappointed me a lot, especially after reading quite a lengthy novel like this.


I really liked how beautifully contrasted the scenery of outside through windows from the hotel to his very quiet life in the hotel room. I thought this book could be better in the live action version, as it depicts all the details. And, it seems like there will be a TV adaptation starring Kenneth Branagh. I think it’s a perfect casting!!!

ホテルの窓から見える外の景色と、ホテルの中の空間のコントラストがとても印象的なこの一冊。景色をとても美しく詳細に描いている本なので、きっと映画化したらステキだろうと思って読んでいたのですが、どうやらKenneth Branaghが主演でテレビ放送するそうです。確かに彼ならジェントルマン役のイメージにはぴったり!


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