(Book Review / 感想) 82年生まれ、キム・ジヨン / チョ・ナムジュ * Kim Ji-young, Born in 1982

Are you a ‘feminist’? I think I am. It’s so sad to admit this but there are still so many misconceptions and negative stereotypes associated with feminists.


Do you support equality of men and women? I expect most of people would answer yes. Can you list some of the inconvenience or problems in society to achieve the equality? Can you at least try to understand what it means for me to make society ‘equal’ despite gender? What are all the frustrations I feel in everyday life? Isn’t society not really even trying to achieve the equality?


This book explains so much about frustration I feel towards the male dominated society. The question this book raised were universal that I strongly sympathised and felt so empowered.


Japanese translation started getting very popular because Korean pop stars mentioned the book. However, I think it’s important to note that this book isn’t just another cool or trendy read.


I am even jealous of Korea that this book became such a best seller there. I would love to see Japan discussing more about this issue openly.


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