(Book Review / 感想) The Dutch House / Ann Patchett

#TheDutchHouse was such an interesting book that hooked me straight into the story of an unfortunate life of a family and a house.
The characters were all so powerful, but at the same time, I thought every one of them was super unlikable!!! After finishing this book, I cannot stop imagining how the house would look like, and the portrait of Maeve… How do we consider people’s relationships with their house, such as the bonds and emotion with the physical structure and how it will become part of the history of the old buildings all around it… Participating in the #Readalong has always been fun, but especially for this one, exchanging the ideas of how the Dutch House might look like was a unique reading experience. The book does not reveal much about the appearance of the House and lets the readers expand their imaginations instead!

To fully enjoy the mystery side of this book, I recommend to start reading without checking too much about what to expect of the story.
Thank you @tandemcollectiveuk@bloomsburypublishing for #gifted copy. And all the wonderful bookstagrammers for the intriguing discussion!

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