(Book Review / 感想) The Mystery of Henri Pick / David Foenkinos

It’s such an interesting book about how stories are written, created and told. Very subtle and beautiful but really comical at the same time.
The mystery part of this book was very beautifully written, but I personally think this book is not necessarily for mystery fans, it might be more appealing to literary fans.

To avoid potential spoilers, I’m not going to write a detailed synopsis here, but the story starts at the library of rejected books, where unpublished manuscripts are stored. The young editor finds an extraordinary masterpiece hidden in the shelf! Who wrote this? – the book was so gripping and I found myself wondering all the way through to the end, exploring my own answers to solve the mystery…

This book made me feel like I want to start writing my own story too! I would recommend this book to all the book lovers out there, who secretly hope to become a big name writer one day!

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