(Book Review / 感想) The Vegetarian / Han Kang

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Very sad and disturbing book. Violence and creepy scenes. But, it was such a powerful book to make you experience the story.


You feel the characters very close to you, while they all are somehow not ordinary. Reading this book made me uncomfortable, thinking about all the discomfort I experienced in daily life.


As the title shows, the main character Yeong-hye is becoming vegetarian (I would say she is more like a ‘vegan’). The story describes the struggles of her family and relatives.


The story is divided into three parts, and each part is told by different characters. Although the main character is always Yeong-hye, seeing the story from the other characters’ point of views were very interesting. Especially the scene with Yeong-hye’s sister in part 3 was touching.


The story was almost like a physiological horror/thriller. I could not stop reading once I start. The narrative was always quiet and made me think about ‘discomfort’ in depth. Why people face this uncomfortableness, and how people always try to avoid them.


This is not my favourite book, because I felt negatively emotional reading this. But the book impacted me, even surprised me with the unique experience I have ever had with books.





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