(Book Review / 感想) Where the Crawdads Sing / Delia Owens * ザリガニの鳴くところ / ディーリア・オーエンズ

Over the past year, it’s become such a massively hyped book that I even felt a little hesitant to read it at first; however, the unique setting and strong female protagonist made the reading experience extraordinarily fantastic, all in all!


Abandoned by her family, the protagonist Kya grows up alone in a shack in the swampland.


Honestly speaking, it took me a while to get into the core plot; the first few chapters of the book in particular were slow going. It sounded like a very typical ‘poor kids from a disadvantaged background’ kind of story, but if you feel the same I did, please do persist beyond these early moments. As the protagonist Kya grows and starts expressing her connection to the vast wealth of nature that makes up the swamp she lives in, the beauty of the scenery will utterly enchant you! The author Delia Owens’ experience and insights as a zoologist really made the book feel especially atmospheric and realistic.


I want to avoid any sort of potential spoilers, so let me just say, this is not a typical coming-of-age book, but rather it’s wonderful to read how Kya grows up amidst both beautiful nature and lyrical languages. Her relationships with family, friends, boys and people in the nearby town were sometimes heartbreaking, but left me with a very warm aftertaste.

This is a book about acceptance and love, blossoming in the beautiful marshland setting. The suspenseful build-up and twist in the later half of the book was certainly a surprise for me, but contributed even more to its quality as a real page-turner!


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