Columbia Road Flower Market & The Lily Vanilli Bakery @ London, UK *ロンドンのフラワーマーケットとおいしいベーカリーで過ごす、日曜日の朝

My ideal Sunday morning starts from choosing beautiful flowers to spend a coming week with. To get my favourite flower Peonies, I took a visit to Columbia Road Flower Market.

これからの一週間を彩る花々を選ぶような、心地よい時間を過ごすことが 私にとって理想の週末。大好きな芍薬を手に入れるため、コロンビア・ロード・フラワー・マーケットへ行ってきました。

It was a little walk away from Old Street tub station. It’s easy to find it because you can spot many people happily holding flowers around there when you get nearer.


They sell varieties of flowers and plants. I am sure everyone can find there favourites.


For a little coffee break, I went the Lily Vanilli Bakery.

フラワーマーケットのすぐそば、休憩にぴったりなのがThe Lily Vanilli Bakery!

It’s such a small cafe, but has a pretty pink wall room that I am certain that everyone would love to eat in. Their cakes are all look beautiful, and amazingly tasty. They also sells very delicious pastries as well. My husband loves their sausage roll.


With tasty cakes and bunch of my favourite flowers, my ideal Sunday morning!


Columbia Road Flower Market
It’s very lively, so it’s best to arrive by before lunch time as it gets busy afterward. Many stalls accept card payment, but it might be helpful to bring some cash as well.

The Lily Vanilli Bakery
Open only on Sunday.

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