Cukiernia Michałek @ Krakow, Poland * ポーランド名物のローズジャム・ドーナッツ、ポンチュキ

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When I travel around, I always try to eat some local cuisine. Pączki was the one I was very eager to try in Poland. It’s a doughnut filled with rose jam.


I was searching for the best place to get one and came across with this ranking of 2017 (written in Polish), which lists all the popular Pączki shops. This pastry shop in Krakow, Cukiernia Michałek was ranked number one!

どこでポンチュキを買えるのか、たくさんリサーチしてみたところ、こちらの2017年のランキングを発見。ポーランド語で書かれているので、記事が読めたわけではありませんが、どうやら人気のポンチュキ屋さんがリストされている様子。1位のCukiernia Michałek がクラクフにあるとのことだったので、行ってみることにしました!


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I went there in the morning to find many locals queueing for a variety of pastries.


All written in Polish, no English speaking staff available. I was not so sure what I am getting, but I successfully bought a Pączki and two small cream puffs. All you need is to smile and try to pronounce Pączki somehow because it was not displayed on the glass case. They handed them all neatly wrapped in white paper.


I opened them at the park nearby. It was such a sunny summer day. Many bees came because of the very fragrant rose jam.


My first Pączki was very fluffy and fruity. Not too sweet and not too greasy. I really loved it so that I came back for the second one on the next day!


Cream puffs tasted great as well 🙂


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I also tried the one at the grocery store only to find out it tasted a bit too greasy and not fluffy. Because Pączki is pretty simple pastry, it is better to buy at the pastry shop to get the amazing one. It might be great to visit in the morning as it is freshly made.


It took about 10 mins from the main plaza.


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