Gerstner K.u.K Hofzuckerbäcker @ Vienna * ウィーンのゴージャスなレストランでケーキブッフェのブランチを

Vienna’s scenery was so dreamy, I fell in love instantly. Because this trip was for our honeymoon, we wanted to do something special to mark the occasion.


We picked the Gerstner Brunch and it was the perfect decision, we both enjoyed it so much.


The restaurant was very gorgeous, as if you were eating in a palace!


The brunch comes with buffet starters and a choice of main course, closing with an extravagant selection of sweets from the counter. You can get as many as you want.


Price: € 59.excluding drinks, € 89. with drinks.
We enjoyed the option with drinks included. The rose prosecco and melange coffee were the perfect accompaniment to the meal.

お値段:€59 ドリンク無し、€89 ドリンク込


The Gerstner is a patisserie. I expected their sweets to be amazing. But their main course impressed me a lot with the quality and presentation of the food.


Nonetheless, their cakes all tasted fantastic. I wish I could have tried all of them.


I could not resist choosing this Sisi cupcake with mild violet cream.


Brunch at the Gerstner is only available on Sunday. I would recommend  booking in advance, and dress smartly for the occasion.


If you fancy something classy for your visit to Vienna, the Gerstner will never let you down 🙂


The Gerstner

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