Kiss the Hippo Coffee @ London (Richmond & Fitzrovia) UK * ミニマリストでモダン、ロンドンの上質なコーヒーで寛ぐひととき

Their curious name “Kiss the Hippo” caught our eyes. When we found their cute red hippo sign for the first time in 2018, at Richmond high street, I could not resist finding out what’s inside.

“Kiss the Hippo”というかわいい名前のお店に目が留まったのは2018年のこと、リッチモンドのメインストリートで、かわいい赤いカバのマークを発見。ひきつけられるように中に入りました。

When we went inside, we were surprised to find drip coffee, which is very common in Japan but quite rare in the UK.


The room was filled with freshly roasted beans (you can see their roaster at the back of the store). Their coffee tasted amazingly good. The hippo became our all time favourite, and we kept coming back whenever we visited Richmond.


We finally took a visit to their new branch in Fiztrovia, in central London which just opened in September.

今年の9月にロンドンの中心、Regent Streetの近くにオープンしたばかりのフィッツロビア支店にもやっと行ってきました!

Their minimalist decor was the same that we loved in Richmond and their brunch menu tasted very good.


Also they have a mini bookshop inside. You might find a new favourite read there.


They sell Kalita coffee equipment as well as their beans. You can enjoy their coffee at home (which I do)!


Kiss the Hippo Coffee

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