The Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore @ Paris, France * リュクサンブール公園近くのフレンドリーな本屋さん

As soon as I found it on Instagram, The Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore was on my to-visit list in Paris. With a cute blue look and cosy atmosphere, I was certain that this bookshop must be a hidden gem for booklovers in Paris.

Instagramでかわいいブルーの外観と居心地よさそうな店内の写真を見つけた時から、 The Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore はずっと私のパリで行きたい場所リストに載っていました。パリの本好きたちが集まる秘密基地のような場所に違いない!確信がありました。

It’s not a big shop, but it’s full of well curated books. The Canadian owner is very helpful and easy to chat to, I got a handful of very good recommendations for books set in Paris!


Well loved by the local English community, there were customers coming in and out very frequently. Everyone starts chatting with the staff about new books and their all time favourites.


I really wish this was my local bookshop!!


It’s located just across the street from the beautiful Luxembourg Gardens. I would love to come back on a nice spring day and find a book to read in the garden.


The Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore

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