(Book Review / 感想) Conversations with Friends / Sally Rooney

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This book was ‘YES!!!! That’s exactly what I would say in that situation!!!’ kind of book that I really enjoyed reading while I commute.


The main character was Frances a 20-ish woman in uni, her friend Bobbi (ex-girlfriend) and people around her. Frances gets involved with a married guy and starts cheating.


They are all such unlikable characters but I kept laughing about all the things they say, especially Frances says about herself. It is impossible to empathise with their situations but it captures the feeling of awkwardness and anxiety realistically.


This book has a similar feeling to Convenience Store Women, but does not tackle social issues so openly. It could warn more about sex culture and unequal relationship that so many young generations end up with. Sadly, this book was more about naive point of view from a young university kid. For their immature way of thinking, I felt some nostalgia.


Overall, I enjoyed. Can’t wait to start Sally Rooney’s new book, Normal People!

楽しめる良い一冊。著者の2作目Normal Peopleを読むのが楽しみです!


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