(Book Review / 感想) The Tattooist of Auschwitz / Heather Morris

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It was a story of survival from the infamous Auschwitz. Although it was very easy to read, the writing was not on an amazing level. It sounded too much like a cheap love story while I was supposed to be reading about the horror and inhumanity of Auschwitz.


The book is based on the real story, including the love drama part. It’s such a miracle that the couple survived and the story of them is passed down to the world through this book all around the world. I really wished if this book had more depth in the writing, it would have become another one of the masterpieces on this issue.


I recommend ‘ Man’s Search for Meaning‘ if you are interested in this issue. My essay posted about visiting Auschwitz is available here.


More reviews available on my book blog Intermission Ambience
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