(Book Review / 感想) Outline / Rachel Cusk

This book was not really about ‘story’ but conversations with interesting people who the main character Faye met throughout her journey in Greece.

「物語」ではなく、主人公 Fayeがギリシャで出会う人々との「会話」を楽しむ一冊。

It had a lot of black humour in it that made me smirk. Almost like a guilty pleasure, I found it hard to put it down. So many conversations I almost wanted to underline, just because they sounded so perfectly written!


It reminded me of Flights / Olga Tokarczuk a lot. If Flights was a collage of beautiful pictures, Outline was like a very insightful Instagram feed, including proverbs from someone you just met, and observations of people you happened to meet. All the people appeared in this book felt so real and convincing while their personalities were very extreme.

以前読んだFlights / Olga Tokarczukと少し雰囲気が似ているように感じました。 Flightsが美しい写真のコラージュなら、この OutlineはまるでInstagramのタイムライン。偶然出会った人のことや、その人が言っていた格言なんかをメモしたようなアカウント。そんな感じ。そしてこの本に出てくる人、みんなどこか奇抜なのに、すごくリアルで説得力がありました。

Personally, I prefer Flights because it was more artistic and beautiful, but Outline wins when you are looking for something easy to read and make you feel intelligent. lol



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