Dulwich Picture Gallery @ London * ロンドン郊外の美術館でレンブラントを

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ロンドンの美術館と言えば、やはりNational GalleryやTate Modernを挙げる人が多い。大きくて、見ごたえがあって。ツアーでもよくルートに含まれているので、有名なゴッホのひまわりやモネを写真に収めた人も多いでしょう。

Speaking of the museum in London, people imagine the big ones such as National Gallery and Tate Modern. These are the ones included in the packaged tours as well. So many of my readers must have taken photos of famous Van Gough and Monet.

ロンドン中心部で私が一番好きなのは今のところ「The Courtauld Gallery」なのだけれど、ロンドン郊外でステキだったのはここ、Dulwich Picture Galleryです。

My favourite in Central London so far is The Courtauld Gallery . In Suburban London, I loved this Dulwich Picture Gallery!

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電車でロンドン中心から20分くらい、駅からは少し歩きます。近くにはキャンパスがステキなDulwich Collegeもあるので、駅からの道のりも景色がとてもきれい。私が行った日は冬でしかもしっかり雨。それでも駅からの道のりは楽しかったです。

It took about 20 mins by train from Central London and a short walk from the station. There was the pretty campus of Dulwich College. Despite the typical London winter weather, the scenery on the way to the museum was really amazing.


It’s very easy to access from the centre of London, but maybe because it is small? I found more locals than the typical tourists.

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Very historically British looking building. It opened in 1817!


The inside was gently sun-lighted. Red and green wall made paintings look even great!

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The permanent exhibition had many scenery paintings by Dutch artists.

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一番のみどころはレンブラント。3点ありますが、特に「Girl at a Window」が柔らかく、でも凛とした絵でステキでした。

The highlight is three pieces of Rembrandt. Especially, ‘Girl at a Window’ had a very sensitive and gentle atmosphere, and I really liked it.

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企画展示もおもしろそうなものが多い。私が行った時にはムーミンの作者Tove Janssonの展示でした。こちらは写真撮影が禁止だったのですが、盛沢山の内容。歴史に翻弄され複雑なキャリアを歩んだTove Janssonの展示、勉強になりました。

The exhibition was great as well. At the time I went there, it was about the creator of Moomin, Tove Jansson. Photography was not allowed, unfortunately. Her lifetime and career had a strongly influenced by the war. Moomin was not just a cute character. There were so much to learn from.

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One of the best parts in visiting the museum for me is restaurant/cafe. (isn’t it the same for you? lol) The restaurant here was really good. I found many families there as it was Christmas season.

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It had a cosy atmosphere that you just want to stay, chatting and chatting!

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The sunset I saw on the way back was beautiful.
I recommend this museum for those who want to have relaxed and intellectual day.

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The Dulwich Picture Gallery

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